Monday, November 09, 2009

oh just some stuff...

My mom informed me that I was in serious need of some blogging...So I'm going to try out another one of these combo blogs that are an accumulation of everything I've been up to the past couple of weeks. Well..technically I've mostly been up to homework the past couple of weeks. but typically I don't blog about that...but here's some of my homework anyway! These are just a few of the projects that I have worked on...still need some work on my lighting and shadows...but I still like them. 
Southwest Apartment- Finishes
Southwest night! - Lighting
Arts and Crafts office- custom cabinetry design

Halloween..that was a good day. For lunch Sara, Chelsea and I went to Idaho Falls to the Olive Garden for soups salads and breadsticks! It was delicious! I dressed up as chuck from pushing daisies..I think I want to dress like her everyday! then on the way home I bought some pretty sassy red heels from kohls...they were 10 was great...but they gave me blisters. That night all my roommates dressed up and went over to our friend Glen's house for some serious Rock Band! I kind of suck at rock band...but it was great! Then we went to Tim's house and watched Beetle Juice. It was creepy and may or may not have given me nightmares. p.s. I was a pirate....sweet right?
Fake Chuck
Real Chuck
Chelsea- groupie, Natalie- nurse, Callie- Natalie, Jennifer- Pirate, Sara- rocker
Rock Band...out of all the different instruments, I could handle singing best..the sad part is I STINK at singing..haha

Last Friday I went on an adventure with my friend Stephanie and my roommate Natalie to IF. We really had no idea what we wanted to we ended up going to Red Robins. It was great fun! I'm pretty sure I could eat there fries everyday for the rest of my life. After dinner we went to the mall because really there's nothing else to do in IF if you really think about it. I went to Claires and the lady there said that if I bought fake glasses I would have a higher IQ...apparently she convinced me because now I have a sweet pair of glasses. If I wear them when I do homework I think I'll get better grades...or something like that. 
mmm...whiskey river barbecue burger...can life get much better? I submit that it cannot. 
High IQ?

On Saturday then I got to hang out with Adrian and Laura while Laura took pictures of me for one of her classes. I feel like I am a very awkward model but I'm always willing to help! Even though they live next door I don't get to see them much, so it was fun getting to see them. p.s. to see one of the pictures you can go to Laura's blog... she pretty much rocks! 

Typically on Saturday nights when I have nothing else to do with my life I will make flash dying my hair. Sometimes I threaten to go platinum blonde..luckily we're pretty safe from that EVER happening..but I did have my roommate Callie put some highlights in my hair. Pretty sure I haven't had highlights since high school...but it's kind of fun. I bought a box of brown dye at the same time just in case.