Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Lovely Sunday Evening

So... my mom informed me that I was in big trouble for not writing on my blog enough.  But the truth is that I really haven't had much to blog about, and for some reason I can't get my picture to upload onto my computer. So I decided to take some pictures with my phone, so they are pretty blurry. Anyways... on sundays we have roommate dinner and take turns cooking. I decided to make shepherds pie and peach cobbler. It was quite delicious if I must say so myself, and now I get to eat leftovers for the next week, always exciting. My roommates Emmilie and laura happened to be sitting there when I was taking  a picture, so they got a picture too..lucky them! 

half eaten shepherds pie and peach cobbler with whipped cream....mmm

Emmilie being so righteous reading the ensign to prepare for visiting teaching. High five to emmilie!

Laura doing something equally upstanding I'm sure.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All the amazing things that have happened since I've been to Rexburg.

So Pretty much school has been amazing this semester! First of all, I am now in the interior design program which I am very excited about. I knew that it was a very busy major, but from what I have heard it is going to be an even bigger undertaking then I anticipated. The Saturday before classes started I had an orientation where they told us all about the program. It is actually supposed to be one of the most difficult programs at the school, but it is to prepare us for the actual business. BYU-Idaho actually has one of the best interior design programs in the country (also news to me). The program is accredited by ASID and NKBA, which are both major interior design associations, and employers love getting people from here. What I realized after the first week of classes is how much buisness is involved in interior design. The professors say it is about 10% creativity and 90% business. That means that by the time I graduate I should be able to know everything about having my own business...so that's pretty exciting. On monday the department had an opening social breakfast (which was decorated like a wedding, what else would you expect from design students). At the social the seniors reported on their internships. It was really neat to hear everyone talking about working for huge designers in New York, Washington DC, and all sorts of other huge design areas. It's going to be a ton of work, but I can't wait to do it!

My ward here is also an amazing ward. Since it is my second year living in the same apartment I at least recognize several of the people in the ward, and am friends with a lot of them too. There is such a strong spirit in our ward and the bishoric is amazing. Last sunday for our sacrament meeting we had a musical sacrament meeting where we sang several hymns and heard talks about them. It really brought our ward closer together. Another thing is that our ward has lots of activities. Last week we had a ward FHE and barbecue, this week we had an ice cream social at the park. On monday I had my first FHE with my actual FHE group. We walked down to the park and played get to know you games and chubby bunny (I would have pictures, but unfortunately I can't figure ou
t how to upload them). 

My roommates are totally amazing! We all get along really well and do tons of stuff together. We have a different thing we do everyday...for example...wednesdays are theme days...so each week we'll have a different themed party...or something like that..I'm not quite sure how it works. Not only are my roommates great...but I hang out with my neighbors a tons too. Apartments 203 (my apartment), 204, and 205 might as well just be one big apartment since we are always doing things together. We're tempted to knock out the walls..but unfortunately the manager might not approve. On sunday we had a big breakfast before church and invited our neighbors over, then the next day after FHE we had a poffertje party. It also makes it a lot of fun because some of my roommates from last fall are also my neighbors. Anyway...life is going good... here are some pictures! 
Sunday Breakfast and Emmilie

Emmilie and I making breakfast on Sunday morning

My roommates from the fall semester...having a poffertje party reunion

My old roommate Sam and I have a very exact system for making poffertjes, she lives next door so I get to see her all the time

my roommate Emmilie, me, my old roommate Sam, my neighbor Allison, and my roommate Mary
I swear we really do like each other

We're basically the best!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rexburg is Smokin'

So a lot has happened since last time I blogged. I am now in Rexburg and starting school tomorrow. I'm all moved into my apartment and my roommates are all amazing! The only thing that has happened that's a little crazy is today then while we were all getting ready for church than the fire alarm went off. When the fire alarm goes off it means that the whole building has to be evacuated. It always makes the day pretty exciting when you get to see the fire engines and police cars. Luckily they figured out where the smoke was coming from and it wasn't anything too bad. We were able to be back into our apartments within about 15 minutes. Thank you Rexburg Fire and Police!