Monday, August 12, 2013

6 Months Old

Woops... I guess Elizabeth is almost seven months old and I never did her six month blog post. It is hard to remember exactly what new things she did at six months old, so I think I had better wait until the end of this week and give all the stats for her seventh month. She did go to the doctor the other week and endured her shots like a little trooper. She is 17 pounds and 25 inches long...aka a little short and chubby. She is a little mover and even though she can't crawl or walk yet, I am sure once she can she is going to work all that cute little chub off. She is so so stinking cute though. I can't get over her constantly happy personality! She is definitely a talker. A couple weeks ago she started saying "dada", but I guess she has forgotten how to say it since. I am pretty sure that once she learns to talk she is never going to stop. Well, here are the adorable little six months photos of my little munchkin.