Friday, June 11, 2010

International Pirate Day

Last Saturday, Justin decided it would be fun for us to go on an adventure. We rented a canoe from UW and paddled around Lake Washington for a bit. It was a perfect day, with beautiful weather. Lake Washington is a lot of fun because there is lots to see, we were able to see a ton of boats, an argosy cruise, a blue heron, and a float plane taking off. After canoeing we went down to Alki for a picnic on the beach. We ate from a restaurant called spuds which is famous for their fish and chips....I got chicken. It made me feel a little guilty eating my greasy chicken and fries while watching a bunch of marathon runners around the area..oh well. Alki is such a great place on a sunny day and an ideal place for people watching, which I always enjoy. After we got back to the FW we of course had to make a cake to celebrate IPD. It was altogether an awesome day.


Since I have an apartment to furnish and about zero money, I've been looking around at thrift stores and garage sales for furniture that I can repurpose. Here is my first project! I got this sweet corner table at a thrift store for $8, paid $8 for a quart of paint (and probably used about 50 cents worth of the paint), and a glass knob for $4. So I was able to make this not so cute table, super cute for under $20.