Sunday, March 28, 2010

Festival of Colors

This weekend Stephanie and I, once again, went on a weekend roadtrip. That seems to be the theme of this semester. This weeks destination was Spanish Fork, Utah for the Holi Festival, or Festival of Colors. We met up with Justin, Keith, our friend David from Las Vegas and his friend Andrew. This is pretty much an Indian celebration where you throw colors at each other to welcome the spring...or something like that. At the festival they were explaining the origins...something about burning babies..I'm not really sure. Anyway, you buy bags of colored powder and throw them at's a lot of fun. You are supposed to wait for a countdown and then you start throwing colors at each other. At the end of the countdown everything literally went black from all the powder in the could hardly see the person next to you. by the end we were covered from head to toe with powder and my throat was full of incense scented chalk (yuck). Afterwards we all headed to Denny's in Provo. We were afraid they wouldn't let us in..but they did. The whole festival was a ton of fun and SO crazy... once again...another excellent weekend.



Monday, March 22, 2010

Justin's Homecoming

This weekend was fantastic! I was able to go home for a few days for Justin's mission homecoming. He has been serving in the Mexico, Monterrey East mission and returned home last Wednesday. I hadn't told him that I was coming home, and he was definitely surprised. It was so fun to be able to spend the weekend with him and go to some of our favorite places like dash point and...seatac mall? On Sunday he gave a fantastic talk, and I'm still amazed at the fact that he currently seems to know spanish better than English. Justin has been such a great influence on me these past two years while he has been serving the Lord. It was great to see him again!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

partying it up in Utah...

So...this is a week late, but I'm over it. But last weekend I went to Utah. It was great and grand. My friend Stephanie had to go down for a Zumba certification class, and didn't want to drive by herself, therefore...ROADTRIP! So Stephanie, my old roommate Sara and I hopped in the car and headed to Sandy to stay with my other old roommate Callie. It was so much fun seeing her and so nice of her to let us stay over. While Steph was at Zumba, Sara and I went to The Gateway to do some shopping, then headed over to Ikea after Callie was done with work. They were having dollar meatball meal was glorious. Later on that night Stephanie and I went to Provo to visit Adam Lee and Katie, two of my good friends from home. It was SO much fun. They decided to show us what people do at BYU on the weekends. So we started out at the Nickelcade. Ok..this place is AWESOME! It's an arcade but everything is in nickels. We got a little addicted to gambling (Vegas was a bad influence) with some of the games...we just really wanted to get lots of tickets. Also we played Deal or No Deal..we ended up with the suitcases holding 2 tickets and 200 tickets...we were offered 101 tickets...and we chose NO DEAL. Worst decision ever...we ended up with 2 tickets. So after the nickelcade ended with disappointment, we went over to the bell tower where apparently you are supposed to be able to roast marshmallows on the giant lamps. Unfortunately, the rumors are wrong and the marshmallows only got slightly warm...but it was a ton of fun...we celebrated by drinking martinellis and eating popsicles in the freezing cold outside. After that we wanted to go dumpster diving for donuts. They throw out the donuts (in the box) at Krispy Kreme after the store closes, people sometimes go dumpster diving for them. I was a little hesitant but we went anyway. Once we got there the store still had employees..we parked...they looked at us weird...we then decided to spy from a neighboring parking lot. Evenutally we ended up leaving before we got any donuts...but it was hilarious...guess you had to be there...

Utah = great weekend trip...good times.
Staying at Callie's

The bling rings we bought with our tickets from the arcade

at the belltower...the light burned my was great.

These guys are fantastic

Friday, March 05, 2010


HEY EVERYONE! roommate is writing a paper about ERNESTA DAY!! She needs some memories to write about...anyone have any??

Monday, March 01, 2010

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

On saturday Stephanie, her friend Hannah and I decided it would be great fun to go to Mesa Falls since it was a beautiful Rexburg day. After driving almost all the way there we realized that they don't plow the road all the wall to the it would involve either a snowmobile (which we did not have) or our feet (which we did not want to use).I swear I've been there this time of year before...but apparently not. So instead we just decided to make it a nice drive. We ended up driving out to Island park, which was super pretty...but not much there. And then we drove back through Ashton and ate at a sweet rootbeer drive-in place. We chatted it up with the waitresses while drinking our floats. We felt pretty legit. Then we headed back to Rexburg.
I love exploring Idaho, it's fun going that direction because I get to see trees. I love trees. So moral of the story...don't go chasing waterfalls (we also rocked out to that song...the cherry on top to the perfect day).
forest= trees, Jennifer= super excited

hooray for car pictures/ double chin
jumping picture after failed attempt to Mesa Falls

Stephanie thought it would just be easier to lay down on the highway and give up the ghost

What Happens in Vegas...

...Obviously doesn't stay in Vegas..because I'm posting it to my blog...right now.

For the three day Presidents Day/ Valentines Day/ Chinese New Year weekend I went with three of my friends, Stephanie, Courtney, ,and Erin, to Vegas. A lot instead of writing it out, I'll just narrate the events in no apparent order through photos.
Chinese food picnic breakfast at St. George temple

Valley of Fire, one of my favorite places

getting bored/crazy/ crazy bored in the car...resulting in an unheard of amount of temporary tattooos

tattoo parlor with our sweet new tattoos

Classic sign picture

getting excited with memories of Rafferty and the Seattle Sculpture Park

Throwing pennies into EVERY fountain we saw

Meeting our new friend David (Courtney's from Vegas so we got to meet some of her friends...good times)

Having car problems/ receiving anitfreeze as a valentines day present from stephanie (she said she got me coolant since I'm so cool)

Walking the strip

Las Vegas Temple/ seeing SO many palm trees