Monday, March 01, 2010

What Happens in Vegas...

...Obviously doesn't stay in Vegas..because I'm posting it to my blog...right now.

For the three day Presidents Day/ Valentines Day/ Chinese New Year weekend I went with three of my friends, Stephanie, Courtney, ,and Erin, to Vegas. A lot instead of writing it out, I'll just narrate the events in no apparent order through photos.
Chinese food picnic breakfast at St. George temple

Valley of Fire, one of my favorite places

getting bored/crazy/ crazy bored in the car...resulting in an unheard of amount of temporary tattooos

tattoo parlor with our sweet new tattoos

Classic sign picture

getting excited with memories of Rafferty and the Seattle Sculpture Park

Throwing pennies into EVERY fountain we saw

Meeting our new friend David (Courtney's from Vegas so we got to meet some of her friends...good times)

Having car problems/ receiving anitfreeze as a valentines day present from stephanie (she said she got me coolant since I'm so cool)

Walking the strip

Las Vegas Temple/ seeing SO many palm trees


Judy Walsh said...

what a fun trip!

Andrea~Nicole said...

Ahh...that looked like fun. Wish I could have gone!