Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The wacky adventures of Frederick McDoogle the third.

Hello....This is Mr. Frederick McDoogle the third...

He lives in my apartment...technically there are no boys allowed in the apartment (which would include Frederick)...but there are also no fish negative= it's OK!

Mr. McDoogle has already been through many adventures, and we've had him probably less than a month. 

His first adventure started at Walmart where we bought him. When we walked into the store then we found the manager standing there in the main aisle as Marie and I are loudly talking about how we're getting a fish (apparently the manager doesn't know about the double negative standard) none the less...we had to shut our mouths and sneak casually into the pet aisle to find a fish. The sales guy isn't much help and isn't nearly as excited about us buying a fish as we are...but eventually we decide to pick out a beautiful blue beta, and some nice accessories to go in his home. I checked to see if the coast was we quickly hurried to the check out...the checker wanted to put the fish in a bag...we thought that was darn-right we denied the bag..until we saw our manager 3 registers which time we slightly freaked out/ decided to take a bag. We made it to the car...and all was well!

Deciding a name was not easy....luckily the day before we happened to brainstorm/ compile a list of potential fish names during relief society...we were also listening of course. The list was pretty long...sometimes we decide to call frederick by a different name. Kinsey prefers to call him "Alex" in Alex Trebek...I sometimes like calling him frederick poncho tortilla McDoogle...etc. etc. 

Mr. McDoogle really likes his fish food....sometimes when Nephi comes over he will try and sneak Freddy some banana bread, or peanut butter M&Ms, or oregano, or bubble gum. Sometimes Alex will even swim really quick and eat the things that he is given. Mr. McDoogle mostly does this just to entertain Nephi...he really doesn't like anything except fish food..and as far as I am concerned there is no oregano in fish food...yes..I confirmed oregano..or banana bread..

Just yesterday the manager decided to come into our apartment to show a potential resident around the apartment...she came because she said our apartment is usually the just so happens that yesterday looked slightly like death....but anyways....The fish was just sitting there...right there on the the manager comes waltzing through...Lisa and I were kind of freaking out. The manager didn't say anything..but that doesn't mean she didn't see now we're staying on the lookout. We already have to hide it for clean checks...

I only get to spend 2.5 more weeks with Mr. McDoogle...then what? Will he go to live with Marie working in Alaska..that just doesn't seem proper seeing as her whole job is cutting up fish...I would personally be very offended if I was him...Or will he go to live with Marie's family in Blackfoot...maybe just continue to live at the apartment..fending for himself...I just don't know...All I can say is...Good Luck Frederick McDoogle the're the best fish a girl could have!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Sun!

I know I still need to blog about my trip to Provo for  nationals and all sorts of fun adventures...but....I don't have any pictures...and I feel like it won't be complete without I need to wait to steal some from my mom....anyways

It's time for another thankful list ( I know these aren't the most interesting blogs...but it helps me put life into perspective so deal with it..haha)

First of all...THE SUN!!!! it has actually been sunny here for several days...and not the kind of sunny where the sun reflects off all the ice crystals in the air, which IS still beautiful, but not the kind of sun we are referring to...I'm talking about the wear flip flops and a T-shirt and threaten to walk down to sonics for Happy Hour type of sunny...oh it is glorious! 

SATURDAYS...sometimes I feel super lazy...but today all my roommates are gone and I plan on getting the apartment all cleaned up...not the most exciting saturday...but I know that I'll feel accomplished when it's over..ALSO I will probably get some homework done...which will make me feel good.

FRISBEE... The summer after my senior year I'm pretty sure frisbee was one of those every day/ nothing else to do activities...but I love it! it means being outside usually in the places that I love most (beaches, parks, and the cul-de-sac). Justin got me one for my birthday before going to college...I've hardly used it since then, but with this weather it might be time to play with it again (Rexburg also is a bit windy for frisbee...but oh well)

MARIE....She's my roommate...she's funny and says things that make me laugh....also sometimes we do really fun things together on the week it was watching extreme logging and bass fishing...on our saturday night...good times. Also she'll watch the stupid movies that everyone else finds unbearable with Dumb and Dumber, and Billy Madison.

DRAFTING....sometimes it gives me a headache.....but I love knowing how things work and go together, and being able to create things that will actually work (or should work at least). I basically could build a house from the ground  MIGHT want to be jealous. 

SOFAS...I just would not enjoy being from the old days when  there wasn't sofas's just so comfortable to sit on...and I hardly choose the floor over the I think it's just a good is...a good thing.

MUSIC...I love music...I could listen to it all day every day. It has such control over how I feel sometimes... When I listen to a song I'll feel like I'm going to explode and just want to break out in dancing or skipping or something. Also I love song lyrics...I'm not the best writer in the world so listening to lyrics amazes me. The way the lyrics can be so deep and mean so much...makes me tear up a bit..haha. 

TREES....I love trees...I've grown up around trees my whole life, it's weird to me how few trees there are here. In Utah we saw a cell tower trying to be a tree, it was really ugly. I'm glad real trees aren't like that...they are so beautiful and cast such amazing shadows throughout the day....which I'm also thankful for...SHADOWS...They are just cool I am definitely not a painter, but lately in my color theory class we have been using a lot of paint. I think painting is the most relaxing thing in the world. Right now we're doing an experimental color project....aka some abstract art. I suck at abstract art...but I think it is a whole lot of fun! I want to practice more so I might be able to create something that is actually acceptable. 

BROTHER PARSON...he is a pro artist and is teaching me how to be a pro artist...I never thought you could actually LEARN to draw and paing...but you can! Once you learn all the rules of perspective, shadow, reflections, etc. It just takes a lot of practice...But Brother Parson is hilarious and a ton of fun and a great teacher. Sometimes we'll listen to Abba, and yesterday he was talking about conspiracy theories (don't worry this is all while we're working at the same time) but I have a good time learning from Brother Parson!

That is my thankful list for the day! Now I need to enjoy some of this sun!!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Evolution of Kensington 203

I have lived in the same apartment since I came to college, the last two years I have been at kensington manor apartment 203. Even though I am in the same apartment every semester..the dynamics of the apartment change so much every semester. I have always gotten along with my roommates, thank goodness, but that doesn't mean every semester isn't drastically different. Let's just compare this semester and last semester. My "last" semester roommates Emmilie and Mary were replaced by my "this" semester roommates Megan and Lisa. Kensington 203 used to be a place full of love and happiness and butterflies.....and then...there is this semester. 

Yes! that is my hand... with a loaded/ technically not loaded nerf gun aimed at Kinsey's face...we used to be nice...but things change. 

So this was while playing a round of my favorite game rummikub. This game used to be a stress free, go to the park and play rummikub sort of game, but ever since Lisa and Megan came along there has been an abundance of violence. Typically Shawn will come over and wrestle with Megan and Lisa, usually Kinsey and I will get away with mostly just sitting on the couch laughing, occasionally getting sat on...But last night we decided to join in with the fighting. Megan and I had pulled out our mattresses out to the family room for our sunday naps, so it was the perfect wrestling mat. Kinsey and I fought eachother for the next half hour or so. I did all sorts of professional wrestling moves on her like the "Cobra Clutch" and "Straight Jacket". I pretty much beat her down. Today I have all sorts of invisble bruises...I feel them..but don't see them, it's weird. But I had to do my angry dance yesterday to get out all my wrestling rage. are some more pictures of playing last night. 

The longest game of Rummikub known to man...Megan hates rummikub

Lisa and Shawn having a "who can jump higher" contest...I think it was a tie.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


I love Thursdays! For some reason I wake up in the morning and think "hooray it's Thursday....I love Thursdays". I don't even understand what it is that I love about them so much. Usually it is the day for a new episode of the office, there hasn't been a new one for several weeks....but those Thursdays have still been awesome. I think it's because Thursday means that it's almost Friday...which means that it's almost the you would think Friday would be my awesome day...not saying I don't love Fridays...but I just like Thursdays. 
After pondering about my feelings for Thursdays, I had another thought... I like Thursdays because they mean it's almost the weekend....well...why can't I just like the weekdays for there own characteristics rather than being characterized by it's distance to the weekend. If you think about it there are 5 weekdays and only 2 weekends....why waste those 5 days waiting for the weekend? why not just enjoy all 7 days? You never hear people sitting there on saturday saying "I can't wait until it's monday!"....that just doesn't happen...but I think I'm going to try and make it happen...I'm going to try and be so excited for everyday that I just can't wait for it to be Monday...or Tuesday...or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday...They are all good

Happy Thursday!

Monday, March 02, 2009

good day.

Today is a good day...I don't's just good. 
Today my class started at 8:15 instead of 7:45, so I got to sleep in an extra half hour. 
For breakfast I ate yogurt, blueberries, and granola...I'm trying to work on eating healthy...sometimes sucks but it makes me feel good. 
Walking to class it was almost WARM...and it was sunny....I really wanted to dance all the way to class...but I just had to hold back....and it was really hard to hold back. 
Class got over like an hour early, so I was able to work on homework and chat with people in the studio..I just like it. 
When I walked back from class it was STILL warm. I know...crazy. 
I got home and checked my email and there was a message from Alaska Airlines saying that I should be able to come back and work this summer..I am so Excited!
I learned that from now on I am a Washington Nationals fan...this season...I didn't know this team existed until last year at a Mariner's game and I was trying to figure who the crap the other team was....but...I'm pretty sue they are winning the world series. 
Today is just good!'s awesome...I like awesome days. and it's only noon! so hopefully the rest of the day is awesome too! I get to paint in my color theory class...I like painting...mixing colors is fun. good day.