Friday, January 23, 2009

Battle of the Cookie...2009

Kensington 203 tonight had a showdown, a battle, a full out is just as you guessed. We had a chocolate chip cookie contest. The contestants were Lisa Rammell from Driggs, Idaho, Laura Schramm from Brigham City, Utah, Megan Street from Driggs, Idaho, and Jennifer Walsh from the great city of Federal Way, Washington. Blood sweat and tears were put into making these cookies. The games were interlaced with sabotage; missing oven mitts, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and any other kind of abuse that I have failed to mention.  The competition was intense, and after much bribing of the judges Lisa won the title of "best chocolate chip cookie". 

The Cookies

The Bakers/ Gangsters

Lisa and Megan.... apparently they are connected at the hip

Things got PRETTY brutal....Kinsey wasn't even a competitor...I don't understand

The Judges preparing for the competition

A perfect 10? RIGGED

Sunday, January 18, 2009

4th Folder, 4th Picture

So I feel like a really big nerd...while I was looking at my edits posts I realized that I never posted this one. I know everyone else did it like a month ago, but I didn't want to feel left is the 4th picture in my 4th folder!

This is a picture of my favorite people, at my favorite place, doing my favorite thing! 
Andrea and Melinda at Dash Point playing Rummikub and eating Cheetos! Life doesn't get much better than this! I wish I was there right now, and that is was summer, and so it wasn't freezing outside. I don't think there is anything in life I enjoy more than relaxing at the beach with my friends! 

I would tag people here...but I think everyone already did it...and if you haven't yet then here's your chance!


I still need to blog about all my adventures from this semester...but right now I feel like reminiscing about last semester. Last semester was pretty much AMAZING (I'm sure this next semester will be too) but we had so much fun roommate time! Kinsey took the time to type up our quote wall the other day. Most of these probably won't make any sense and will make you want to judge us harshly. But here they are anyway!

"It's probably really great, It's probably about frolicking and loving in the meadow." -Emmilie
"Aren't you going to do anything for his carnal pleasures?"- Mary
"Kinsey, I promise not to run my finger through your hair anymore!"- Emmilie
" You could go spelunking in my throat." -Emmilie
"Is that an invitation?"- Tyler
"You have to poo in a contact lense!"- Mary
"I love black comedy."- Jennifer
"And then I found out it was a felony"- Kinsey
"don't make out with a leper." -Mary
"Is there a PO box at Kensington?"- Kinsey
"Like that you can put mail into?"- Emmilie
"Yes"- Kinsey
"Like to be sent?"- Emmilie
"I get made fun of enough enough"- Mary
"I love myself even more than you"-Laura
"I don't know why, but with facial hair and a gun he looks hot."- Emmilie
"If your brother peed in my clothes so help me."- Mary
"What does milk taste like in Brazil?"- Kinsey
"Cow"- Jordan
"Do you want to feel my leg?"- Laura
"Of course! I don't usually get to feel girls' that's amazing!" -Tyler
"Come back and I'll massage your calves."- Emmilie
"I'd hug you but you're naked."- Kinsey
"If my coach asks, I did hill repeats....with weights."- Laura
"Did you?"- Kinsey
"Well I walked up the hill twice with my backpack"- Laura
"I'm gonna go inside and say the rosary because I'm going to become a nun."- Emmilie

As you may have noticed there are a couple male's on this has not gone crazy and allowed co-ed apartments....These are just our honorary roommates. Tyler is our FHE brother who would spend a ton of time at our house having guitar jams and telling crazy stories. Jordan is Kinsey's brother who also came over a lot....typically he would shoot us with nerf guns and dress up like old ladies...but we still like him. 

Basically I had the best roommates ever! They taught me so much! like Mary taught me how wash off my eye makeup before going to bed, and not to buy unnecessarily expensive toothpaste. Laura taught me how to go grocery shopping in general...cause honestly....I have no skill with that, and how to correctly judge a date. Kinsey taught me even more about Geology and laughed at my nerdy Geology Jokes! Emmilie taught me some great angry dance moves...I still practice them everyday! And Marie taught me to not be scared of scary puppet posters...I could even sleep through the WHOLE night without waking up from nightmares! 

All in all Fall semester was amazing and I hope this semester is just as awesome! 

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas....New Years...and everything in-between

This year has been far from my typical Christmas at home. Instead of staying home, my family spent Christmas in Medford with Linda's family, and then a family reunion in Logandale Nevada.....Here is how it all went down..

After a treacherous drive in the snow on Christmas Eve... family arrived at Linda's house where she had a wonderful dinner waiting for us!

We got to spend a few days at Linda's....Including Christmas!

Eventually it was time to journey to Nevada for the family reunion.

The first stop of the trip was Virginia City...AKA the most haunted town in the west. 

kind of scary...

Dad and Daniel thought it would be a great idea to go to the graveyard at night....illegally if I might add

We spent the night in Reno.... not a whole lot happened there.

On the way to Logandale we drove through the extraterrestrial highway...

...this is the part where we were abducted by aliens

Eventually we made it to Logandale...The next day we decided to explore

We drove through The Valley of Fire

And took some pictures


...and lots....

... of pictures

Then it was time for Viva Las Vegas!

There tends to be a lot of people in Vegas on new years after about an hour of traffic to get a parking spot we made it to the buffet at Circus Circus

We Drove down the strip and saw all sorts of fun things

The next day was the family reunion

I got to see a lot of it was fun

Daniel got beat up by several small children... several times

Then we explored the valley some more...

....and climbed on some rocks