Tuesday, February 24, 2009

let's try this again

So....I was pretty negative in my last post....so I decided to try again and be more positive. Right now I'm taking a world religions class and I'm learning a lot about the eastern religions. One of the main things my professor wants us to focus on is meditation. To take some time out and just be still. So I decided to do that, and I realized there is so much in life to be thankful for. In Buddhism there is the term dukkha which basically means suffering (sorry Jamie...don't worry it's spelled different), and the main thing with dukkha is that life is full of suffering, but if you step back and separate yourself from suffering then you will be able to overcome it. I know that all I did was hurt my toe and got a little dizzy, but I think it's important to not let those little things in life get you down. So I'm trying to focus more on all the things that I'm thankful for...so yes..here it is...another thankful list!

The 9 toenails that don't even hurt, and my one screwed up toenail...because suffering makes you stronger
The fact that the high for today was 42 degrees...yes...that is quite warm for these here parts
rain....it practically rained yesterday...it rocked!
meditation/zenifying.... it's good to not overanalyze life
lotion....sounds silly...but I'm fond of the stuff
flowers...there's not many outside...but our apartment was full of them last week...I miss the flowers...I like them. 
The Gospel...kind of obvious...it rocks!
speaking of rocks....geology....it makes me and kinsey feel really cool to talk about rocks
Frederick McDoogle the Third...aka the sweet Beta we bought yesterday
rebellion...I know...it's a bad one...but we technically aren't supposed to have fish...we saw the manager at walmart when we were fish shopping..it was an adventure

BYU-Idaho..it's cold and in the middle of Idaho...but I'm pretty fond of it
etc. etc. 


so yesterday during my social dance class then right before taking my test for cha cha some kid asked me to dance. Somehow he managed to kick my toe, thus half my toenail is half way off....this has happened before and usually I just get over it, keep dancing, and find a band-aid later on. I figured I would do the same thing. So I went to the partner I was dancing with and looked down and my whole toe was covered with blood...it was nasty..so I rushed off to the bathroom to clean it up ( I personally was more concerned about getting blood on my dance shoe than about my toe...p.s. my shoe got really gross....I was not happy). But anyways...I wrapped up my toe with some toilet paper, took my cha cha test and by the end it was all nasty and red...so I found a band-aid... all I can say is it's starting to hurt a lot more now. Daniel thinks it's my own fault for taking a 280 social dance class  (which is sort of beginner-ish) instead of taking the techiniques classes that he's taking...all I know is my toenail keeps catching on things and it makes me want to puke...Anyway...today I feel really nauseated, dizzy, and kind of claustrophobic...I'm pretty sure it's toe related...haha...But I felt like this for a few days this past summer and basically passed out at work, don't know what made me feel like that...but I hope it doesn't decide to last a few days again. I don't really feel that sick...just like if I stand up I'm gonna pass out. 

But I'm gonna look on the brightside..right now it is 39 degrees! yes...you heard that correct...39 degrees! it hasn't been this "hot" all semester...so despite the toe/ dizziness....I'm pretty dang happy! I think I prefer feeling a little off rather than having it be gross outside! AND I'm also happy because I get to see my mom and sister in like....2.5 weeks! hooray!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jennifer is...

So facebook is a pretty big deal in modern day America...one of the features of facebook is the status feature where you say what you are doing...I was just looking at my profile at the last few statuses I have had. I always seem to have the brilliant idea of changing my facebook status when I am not exactly having my brightest moment in life. So this is what the facebook world will know about me if they quickly look at my status. 

Jennifer is playing the Hanukah song on the guitar, while waiting for her hair to finish dying, and wearing a grocery bag cape.
Jennifer impaled her lip with a fork in an attempt to eat rice...how cool is that? not very
Jennifer accidently took a nap instead of doing homework...and now she just wants to sleep some more...instead of doing homework
Jennifer is wondering what size stairs are supposed to be
Jennifer had a fun day in class today, but also has a big glue gun blister on her finger
Jennifer is wondering why she's forcing herself to relive the saddest day of her life..aka the kingdome implosion
Jennifer is trying to teach herself to like yogurt
Jennifer thinks snow would be pretty if it weren't for the fact that it's ugly, and is wondering what happened to her limbo skills

so....what do you think this says about me?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Hair

So...I have this addiction to dyeing my hair sometimes.....and I was doing so well (I hadn't dyed my hair since the beginning of the summer...aka FOREVER)....until yesterday. I decided it would be fun to go a little darker with my hair. My friend Ashley dyed it, and I think she did a swell job. I like it too...It's always fun to have a little change. 


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Giving Thanks

I know it's not Thanksgiving or anything, but I just feel really grateful for lots of things right now. Ever since I've been away from home I come to appreciate all the things that I have at home, but also the new experiences that I gain at school. It's almost the end of my second year at school (and by almost I mean not almost at all) and the longer I'm here the more I become thankful for everything in life. So here are some of the things that I am thankful for:

The Water and everything associated with it...
...including the beach
Random Adventures
Food that I didn't buy
The Big City (apparently Seattle fits in that category)
Twister and other amazing games
My Dutch Heritage and Poffertjes
Being Myself and hanging with the cool kids
acting like I'm 5
Homecooked meals
the fact that I am not easily offended
Roadtrips where I don't almost die
There are SO many more things to be thankful for...but I think I'll leave those for another day...all I can say is life is good!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Angry Dance

There are few things I love in Life more than angry dances. They are my favorite thing ever! Last semester Emmilie and I would do angry dances on a regular basis just to get our anger out. 

Here are a few of my favorite angry dances! (p.s. I swear sometime I'll start doing normal blogs again..this week is just CRAZY!)

Bret's Angry Dance from Flight of the Conchords

The Footloose Angry Dance

Troy Boltons Angry dance from HSM3

Rod's Angry Dance from Hot Rod

Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Internet

So it's 2:38 am and the internet makes me angry...so I wrote a poem about it. 

Oh  internet you're not my friend
you're really rather mean
I doubt that we can make amends 
with  you're  inconstant routine

Sometimes you're pace is very fast 
then leads to a screeching halt
my bitterness is unsurpassed
and yes, it is your fault

DSL and cable too 
will only make things worse
but the truth is you smell like poo
and make me want to curse

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Another Blog

So basically I am really cool and decided I want to be just like Linda when I grow up! so... I made a recipe blog just like her. Now I have three blogs... my life blog, my interior design blog, and now my cooking blog ...I really need to figure out something better to do with my life... maybe later. I mostly just made it for myself so that I can keep track of the recipes I like, but I figured I might as well share it just in case you wanted to look at it for some reason. Here it is! 


This past weekend Daniel was planning on going down to provo to visit some of his old roommates and go to a concert, so I decided to go along with him on the journey. There are all sorts of people in Provo....and I am a big fan on some of those people...so I decided to go visit. Plus Rexburg gets a little chilly in January and Provo is slightly less chilly. 

On the way there we took the scenic route through Logan and on the way there we even got to see the great city of Preston, Idaho, aka home of Napoleon Dynamite. It's a pretty hopping place, we were so excited to see the "cuttin curral" and the DI where napoleon buys a sweet tux. The city is exactly as old fashioned as it looks in the movies. All the store fronts were displaying an array of polyester dresses with very large should pads. Good times. Eventually we got to Logan which was pretty exciting. I had never been there before and the temple was gorgeous. But after our stop in Logan we finally drove all the way to Provo. 

I pretty much spent the weekend partying it up with Andrea, who I was staying with. During this last winter break I was barely able to see her, so it was nice to catch up and party. Saturday I hung out with Heather, Brooks, Jason, and his friend Brianna. I went out to lunch with Brooks and Heather and then went to the Creamery and mini-golf/ deal or no deal with the rest. It was a ton of fun, I hadn't seen Heather and Jason in over a year, and due to the fact that I practically lived with them every summer when I was younger, it was exciting to see them. I'm really hoping Heather's baby will come before I come back to provo for ballroom nationals in March. That would be so much fun. Later on on Saturday Andrea and a few friends went bowling on campus where I remembered how crappy I was at bowling! 

Sunday I went to Andrea's ward then went to visit my old roommate Mary. She made me some awesome scones! I think she should come back to Rexburg and be my roommate again, but apparently she has other plans in life. So it was pretty much an adventurous weekend. I of course forgot my camera so I have like no pictures. But I do have one picture of me at the cuttin curral...so I guess I'll just say this picture sums up my mini vacation.