Monday, January 25, 2010

Super Saturday!

So when I woke up last saturday I had a strange urge to And by everything I mean I had a strange urge to be super I made a pie. homemade. pear with gruyere baked in the crust (ok..the truth is I actually used emmental..but still). On Pushing of my favorite shows of all time..then it's about a pie maker who can touch dead things and bring them back to he solves the show then Chuck (Ned's childhood sweetheart who he brings back to life) bakes pear pie with gruyere in the crust (and homeopathic mood enhancer) for her aunts. So...long story short..I wanted to try it...see if it tasted good. it tasted quite good in fact. hooray!

So after spending all morning making a pie I was ready for a little craft party. Stephanie and I went down to ace hardware/ walmart...bought some wood, paint, and clothespins and made some super cute picture hangers (we got the idea from the link on Cat's blog post...thanks!). So we were able to spend the night watching pushing daisies, eating pie, and making picture hangers...I felt so martha stewart-esque...minus the whole prison thing. But still..lots of fun!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I like the fact that I can see almost all of Rexburg out my bedroom window (minus the big chunk covered by a building). It looks very quiet and calm on a saturday morning.

I always like it when the sky outside is blue.

Also a pretty big fan of three day weekends.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


So today when I woke up I planned on doing didn't work out. Instead I decided to devote my day to trying to understand my camera better. Technically Brother Parson gave us a lecture the other day about how important photography is and if we can't take good photographs of our work then it will look like crap whether it's good or not...well maybe that's not word for word...but that's what I got out of it. Anyway, I spent the morning reading through my user manual for my camera (which I probably should have done like 6 months ago).'s amazing how much more sense everything makes...I might not be able to actually use what I've learned very well yet..but it did help. 

Since Rexburg was nice and toasty today (aka in the 20's and/or 30's) I decided to go on a picture taking excursion with my friend Stephanie. We pretty much just got in the car and started driving. Eventually we ended up in St. Anthony where we found an old abandoned drive-in. It had some neat colors so we took a few shots there..but it was didn't get too many. In fact, most of the pictures were taken from the car window by Stephanie while I drove...but it was still a ton of fun getting to explore Idaho a little more. 

Here are just a few/kind of a lot of pictures of my day...some are kind of weird with me trying to figure out settings...but oh well..I guess it's the best way to learn. 

These are my pet cacti Harry and Ronald

I call this one "bracelets on desk"
St. Anthony, Idaho
We are awesome. 
Taking pictures while it's getting dark out of a moving car is ALWAYS fun. 
Trying to defrost
What better way to end the day then at The Cocoa Bean for some 
cupcakes and hot cocoa. 

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

new semester.

So..I thought that starting this semester would be easy..come to Rexburg...chill for a day..then go to class. Well that didn't work out so well. On Saturday my roommate, Sara, called me to inform me that I had no housing contract. That was Saturday, I planned on leaving sunday. I got to spend my last day of the break frantically trying to find a place to live. GOOD NEWS! I'm not homeless. I'm living at The Ridge, and I like it. I get my own room for the first time EVER! Luckily I had lots of people to help me bring all of my crap from Kensington to The Ridge, and Erin helped me set up my room and organize my life all day. I only have pictures of my room so far but here they are!

BEFORE (I have no idea how I have SO much stuff)