Friday, March 30, 2012

Ode to College

Ok... so technically I am not going to write an ode, but I was just thinking about how I am graduating with my bachelors degree in exactly once week. I still don't think that it has really hit me that I am going to be done... no more writing papers, receiving grades, sitting through lectures, and seeing all the people I have spent the last four years with. The interior design program is a little different than some other majors, rather than having classes with different people every semester, I have been with the same 30 or so people ( did start out with about 50...but still). Through the years it has been great fun getting to know them and learn from them. Also I have had the same four professors, they all have been amazing examples to me and taught me so much, I can't believe I am not going to be able to have their help and mentorship anymore. 

I think for me I am having a hard time comprehending because, frankly, I have been in college for a long time.... like... way longer than it should take any one person to get a bachelors degree. Before attending BYU-Idaho I had my associates degree from Highline Community College ( I was able to graduate with my associates a week before my high school graduation, kind of a fun story). Most of the time I choose to ignore counting those two years towards my time in college, mostly just to make me feel better about myself. After going to BYU-I for a year I was accepted into the interior design program, that meant four more years. Really I have had a total of seven years college education.... I should really at least have a masters by now...oh well. 

The scariest part of graduating is that I have no plans. That's right, graduation in SEVEN days and no idea what I am going to do now. YIKES! Justin still has a year before he graduates with his bachelors, which means a year before we will be settled and I will be able to have a "real" job. I really hope I can find something this summer, and it would be great if it could be design related. I want to put my education to work! 

Anyway.... I hope you enjoyed my random rant about what is going on in my head. Now some pictures for your entertainment!

So myself, and my fellow graduating interior design classmates do not like doing things the typical or cliche way. So we thought, if we are taking a senior class picture might as well make it all out glam! 

And of course, all of my wonderful professors who we actually convinced to participate in our "over the top" ways. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I got a haircut.. it is very exciting. the bangs are a bit crazy still, but that pretty much always happens right after they are cut. 

This is the picture I gave her... I know.. I don't look quite like Hilary Duff... oh well. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So I have kind of failed at the whole blogging thing lately. So here is an update...

First of all... I GRADUATE IN 24 DAYS! I am pretty excited about it. I think I will miss all of the people I have become friends with the past four years, but I know that being done with college will be excellent.

This weekend Justin, Daniel, and I all went to Provo for nationals for ballroom dance. We were able to see my mom, Justin's mom, Laura, and Jared... along with a ton of other friends from home. It was great spending time with family and helped me with the whole homesick thing. Also it was wonderful weather, which was definitely a plus. I am SOOO ready for summer.

Speaking of summer... this summer Justin needs an internship and I need to once again find a summer job. It looks like he will be getting an internship in Seattle, so we get to go home! YAY!!! Hopefully I will be able to find some sort of design related job, kind of tricky when I am going to only be there for the summer, but I will keep my fingers crossed.

Not too much else is happening, just good ol' school in the good ol' Rexburg. So... here are some pictures for your entertainment! (lots of them our blurry...they were just dancing too fast)

 First here is a picture of Justin working on our pine wood derby last month. It pretty much rocked!

 Daniel excited for the road trip to Utah

Now lots and lots of dancing picture of Laura, Aiden,  and Jared with his partners!