Monday, July 11, 2011

One Year

Justin and I just celebrated our first anniversary last Saturday. It is pretty awesome/ amazing in my opinion. Somehow we ended up partying for almost a week...what a perfect way to celebrate. Justin's sister and her husband came to visit, which added even more fun to all the adventures. I was off work for the things worked out.  I'll break it down.

The Fourth of July!!!
Fireworks... barbecue.. a great way to start off the week. We went to Justin's grandparents for a barbecue then to Celebration Park for the firework show. Always tons of fun

Apparently the ports are closed on July 5th every year...and since Justin works at a warehouse that relies on shipments from the port, he ended up not having to go to work. We wanted to spend the day doing something fun and the weather was gorgeous. We thought a hike seemed like a good idea. We ended up hiking Little Si... I almost died. I am so out of shape. I want to hike Mt. Si by the end of the's about twice the size. Little Si is about 5 miles roundtrip and a 1200 foot elevation change...Mt. Si is about 8 miles roundtrip and you hike up 3,150 feet. We'll see if I can do it ever. Anyway... Little Si was a lot of fun and a beautiful view!

Wednesday was the one day Justin ended up having to work... So not much partying during the day. That night we went bowling with Justin's family. Both of us have our own bowling shoes and bowling we look pretty legit (not that I play very legit). 

Thursday we went to Ocean Shores! Jessica's husband, Randall, had never been to the Washington coast before, so we had to take him to see it. It was pretty chilly out, but luckily the rain held out and we stayed nice and dry. 

On Friday we headed out for our weekend trip to Victoria. I have never been so I was excited to finally go. Friday we drove to Port Angeles to take the ferry to Victoria. We got there in the afternoon so we walked around doing some general exploring and sightseeing. 

On Saturday we started out eating some brunch at a Dutch Bakery. It was fun being surrounded by Delft Blue and Dutch curtains...I even got to eat a croquette..yum! We then headed over to the Royal BC Museum. It's a really big, fun, and impressive museum! We spent several hours there in order to see everything. In the afternoon we walked around more and walked about a million miles to see some castle (I don't know if it was worth it). We also took a tour of the parliment building, which is very beautiful and impressive.  That night we ate at a delicious restaurant on the bay called "Milestones"..we thought it was an appropriate place to eat for our anniversary dinner, which I consider a milestone. After that we walked around the bay area, which is just beautiful at night!

Sunday we headed back on the ferry to Port Angeles in the morning. Once we got back to Port Angeles to headed to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim. It was so much fun! You get to ride in your car and feed all sorts of animals bread. They seriously eat right out of your is so crazy! At one point we got completed surrounded by llamas who were practically attacking the car. Later on we got to the bison which was a little scary. I swear..these things are twice the size of the car and VERY dirty/ smelly. We tried feeding one and it stuck it's head ALL the way into the car. Oh my goodness... I was kind of freaking out. After we thought a HUGE bison was going to sit on/ squish the car we figured we'd better hurry up and get out of that area. there were bears too (don't worry...they were behind a little fence so they don't bite your hand off) they were adorable and funny. One of the bears would shake it's paw when it wanted more bread, another one would just open it's mouth and wait there until you threw it some bread. they were so cool! There were lots of fun animals!