Sunday, December 07, 2008

The strangest thing....

...people always seem to come over to visit the apartment at the strangest moments. Just a few examples; just now my roommate Mary, my neighbor Jenna, and I were recording a sweet improv song on the computer that was inspired by animal sounds (I used to have a band called "The Zookeepers" I just remembered how cool we were). Anyway...someone decides to walk in and bring my roommate some treats, as we are making some sweet animal sounds. Next example, Mary and I decided to make another fort today under the kitchen table (It's a really cool fort....there's christmas lights and paper snowflakes and everything!) but some people that I don't even know decide to walk in as Mary and I are under the kitchen table singing about Kwanaza. Last night my FHE brother, Tyler, decides to walk in right after Mary wrapped me up in bubblewrap (luckily Tyler is practically like one of my other it wasn't too bad). The day before that then a few other people I don't really know decided to walk in while Mary and I were having our yoga session in the family room wearing stretch pants. Even though I get to have all these awkward moments makes life WAY more entertaining..the end.

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Since yesterday was St. Nicholas day then Adrian, Daniel, Laura, and Bobby all came over to my apartment for the traditional hot chocolate and windmill cookies. It was a lot of fun getting to continue the tradition that I have always grown up with. Bobby even said it was "...the first time I have ever felt the true spirit of the holidays". Apparently my apartment just brings the christmas season to life with our tiny christmas tree and Christmas music softly playing in the background. haha. But then my roommates left there shoes out next to the...TV (we don't have a fireplace)...and St. Nicholas came and brought us candy. It was VERY exciting