Thursday, November 20, 2008


Tomorrow I am going to class, packing, and then heading home to Washington for Thanksgiving break!!!! I can't wait!!!! Even though I am only going to be home for a week I have so many things that I want to do. Since I have lived in Washington my whole life then I really miss it when I am here in Rexburg. I can't wait to see the Puget Sound and Mount Rainier! Other than people of course, they are my favorite things about Washington. Here in Rexburg there is no water....not even the possibility of spending the afternoon at the beach, how dreadful is that? So even though the forecast calls for rain all week....that will be one of my main orders of business! Dash Point and Redondo....two of my favorite places of all time! And can't wait to see Mount Rainier...because as much as people rant and rave about the Tetons here....they just can't compare to the beauty and all around ultra-amazing-ness of Mount Rainier!

Also since I've been in the interior design program I have learned so much about what makes up "good design". There are so many amazing places so close to my house that I haven't taken advantage of. I just feel like being all artsy and going to museums and admiring architecture....I might not be able to get all the way up to Seattle, but there are several museums in Tacoma like 10 minutes from home. 

Even though I am excited to visit all the things in Washington...I mostly can't wait to see all the people! This is my first semester not living with someone from the FW (one of my roommates is from Puyallup...but that doesn't count), so I don't have that everyday connection back to home. (don't worry roommates are still AMAZING!). So I can't wait to see my family and my friends....cause they all pretty much rock! Plus a VanderHoeven Machine Thanksgiving is something to wait all year for! I guess I'm just lucky that I was already born into the really ups my cool status by about 5 points. Anyway...I just wanted to share in my excitement since I should be home in approximately 30 or so hours! 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lucky Number 8

I've been tagged!

8 favorite tv shows

1. The Office
2. What Not to Wear
3. Pushing Daisies
4. The Simpsons
5. Malcolm in the Middle
6. Phil of the future
7. Semi-homemade with Sandra Lee
8. The King of Queens

8 favorite restaurants

1. Olive Garden
2. Red Robin
3. Hans Burgers
4. Taco Bell
5. Arctic Circle
6. Tokyo's
7. Azteca
8. Highline Teriyaki

8 books I'd recommend

1. Twilight (the whole series)
2. Harry Potter (all of them)
3. any book by Mary Higgins Clark
5. The Book of Mormon
6. Oh the Places you go
7. The cat in the hat comes back (aka the first book I read)
8. babysitters club (not gonna lie....I think I read a couple of them this summer because they were conveniently placed next to my bed)

8 things that happened yesterday

1. Drove to Idaho Falls
2. went to the mall and partied it up
3. went to target
4. bought a pair of jeans, shoes, and leggings for under 12 dollars
5. Terrorized the guests at our apartment
6. made flashcards
7. sang all sorts of songs with Mary
8. tucked mary into her bed and told her a bedtime story

8 things to look forward to

1. Thanksgiving Break
2. roadtrip?
3. Twilight movie!
4. hanging out with all the cool kids
5. tacoma (I really want to go to the glass dad? anyone?)
6. Dash Point and Redondo
7. Graduating in 4 years :(

8 things on my wish list

1. school supplies
2. a tape measure
3. nerf gun refills
4. good winter shoes
5. a blowdryer and straightner that work
6. my very own house
7. my very own car
8. and of course my very own island

8 things I love about fall
1. the fall leaves
2. hot chocolate
3. coats
4. school
5. thanksgiving
6. shoe wars
7. my birthday
8. new tv episodes

8 people I tag

1. mom
2. Daniel
3. Adrian
4. Linda
5. Jamie
6. Jacki
7. valerie
8. Pam

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yesterday it was my friend, Andrea's, Birthday. She is in the interior design program with me and asked me and a couple other people from interior design to come with her FHE group to her birthday dinner at olive garden. Olive Garden just so happens to 
be one of my favorite restaurants of all time. It was amazing! 

Trevor and I got the same food....what are the chances of that?

We FINALLY got our food! aka most exciting moment of my life.

All the interior design buddies! 

Stephanie and I are just attractive..that's all. 

Sunday, November 09, 2008

just another weekend...

This weekend then Mary had her friend visit, so of course we had to find some ways to make a weekend in Rexburg memorable. Friday night a big group went over to the dollar theater and watched "Ghost Town". The movie was a lot of fun, it wasn't even scary (turns out it's a comedy, the name just scared me). After that the group headed over to our apartment were we spent the rest of the night lounging around and singing along to the guitar. Our FHE brother Tyler even made some delicious salsa that almost burnt my tongue off. 

On Saturday morning then we went to volunteer at the special olympics bowling event. A couple of my roommates are on the committee for special olympics, so this is actually the second event I
 was able to volunteer at. It really is a great experience and special olympics is such a great program. 

Saturday night was full of excitement! It was our fort party night! We had to make a fort in our living room that was big enough to fit lots of people, luckily Mary's friend Skyler is studying engineering, so we were able to make an amazing fort with such limited resources. I will admit that it was even better than our first fort. We watched Mulan, which I accidently fell asleep during, but when I woke up I was accidently spooning Mary despite our strict "No Spooning Allowed" policy. It was just dreadful. 

Today (aka Sunday) was different than most sundays. It was stake conference so rather than having our usual church at 1:30..we had church at 10am. It was so nice having the whole afternooon, I miss early church. All the roommates crammed into our fort and took a nap/ watched pride and prejudice (mormon version). I don't know what it is about forts that makes them so relaxing. For Dinner I made terriyaki and we sat around the coffee table and pillows to have an asian feast. It was quite delicious. 

The real fun happened tonight when we tried brining our FHE brothers some delicious treats. They weren't home...and there door was unlocked...and all the lights were on. So we couldn't pass up such an opportunity to reek havoc upon our FHE stole all their spoons of course! No joke...they honestly have over 100 is ridiculous....but now they have none....I hope they enjoy their cereal in the morning! With the spoons we made a really cool spoon wind chime and put several of them in a big bowl of jello...which we will be serving for refreshments for FHE tomorrow...after a rousing game of spoons.....

so....we will see where this little spoon fiasco takes us.....only time will tell. I will have to post some pictures once I actually get some....

Friday, November 07, 2008

Cocoa Bean

On Fridays I only have one class, so after class was over Andrea, Stephanie and I decided to go over to the Cocoa Bean. Andrea and Stephanie are both freshmans in the interior design program with we pretty much chill with each other 24/7...or something like that. But getting back to the point...We have heard so much about how great the Cocoa Bean is. It's a really cute little shop that sells specialty hot chocolate drinks and cupcakes. It was really good and a ton of fun. It was a wet dreary day today, so it was nice to have some hot chocolate. 

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

blog about a blog?

I decided to make a blog! I know..I already made one...but....I decided that I wanted to make a sort of portfolio blog with all of my work from school. My professors said that it is a great way to not only stay organized, but be able to grow off of the work that I have already done, and see my improvement. Right now it is just a couple of the many projects that I have done in my classes, but eventually when I am a famous designer it will be pictures and concepts of the multi-million dollar projects that I am designing..but until then....this will have to do!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween/ Chess Club Meeting

This year for Halloween my roommates and I decided to dress up as the chess club. After some amazing shopping at the DI we all came out with quite attractive outfits. That night we had a party at our apartment where we ate a ton of junk food and watched a couple movies (Wait Until Dark, and The Village). Did I ever mention the part where I HATE scary movies. Luckily neither of these movies were too scary..but I still had to hide under a blanket.