Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Silly Silly Squirrel

In our backyard there are a couple of squirrels that I am determined to teach how to waterski (I know it sounds silly but they ALWAYS do it on America's funniest home videos). Even though I know that we will never be able to teach them to waterski (mostly because we have no skis that small), we are still teaching them to become very comfortable around. We even named one Daniel, even though my brother daniel doesn't like that. The squirrels will come up to our back door and just stare at us until we feed them. There favorite food is graham crackers and they will eat them right out of our hands. They are really funny to watch, and so we decided to take a couple pictures of them today. 

Mrs. Mac

Mrs. McDonald, or as we always called her, Mrs. Mac, was my fifth grade teacher. She is basically the best teacher of all time and has taught me so much! The year that I was in her class was actually the year that she retired after teaching for 30 years. Ever since fifth grade then me and a few of my friends have kept in good contact with her, and still go see her two or three times a year. Usually we will at least see her for a christmas get together and once during the summer. We will go out to lunch or go to someones house and just chat and catch up with eachother about life. She loves seeing how much we've grown and changed over the years (now it's been about 9 years since we were in her class). Typically the group consists of my friends Jessica, Hannah, and Katherine. Yesterday we decided we needed to have another get together so Jessica and Mrs. Mac came over to my house for lunch. Unfortunately Hannah and Katherine weren't able to come, but we were still able to have an awesome time! Hopefully we can get the whole group together again pretty soon. 

Friday, May 01, 2009

It's tulip time!

Today then Daniel and I decided to drive up to Skagit Valley to see the tulip fields. We came up at the perfect time because the fields were beautiful and in full bloom. It was the perfect weather outside for walking around and enjoying the flowers. Afterwards we went up to visit Daniel's friend, Colton, who is going to school at Western...he happened to be in Lynden so we met him up there. We really wanted to go to some of the dutch shops...but apparently every store closed at 4...so we just walked down the street and enjoyed looking at all the dutch stuff. Afterwards we went to Colton's, ate some food, then headed back home. The whole day was a lot of fun!