Monday, October 19, 2009


So we have this weird thing where my apartment decided to suddenly be infested by flies. We have no idea why they decided to be here...but it makes me want to hurl. I wrote a poem about it because sometimes that's what I do when I'm feeling a very strong emotion...and I would consider my feelings towards the flies quite intense. The poem not so legit...but it did help me to narrate my current situation...and you flies better be listening to it!!!!!


Nasty Buzzy

Annoying fuzzy

I hate you.


You hide…then BAM…

...there you are again..

Zooming past my head!



The spatula was my first thought

And yes, it worked just once

But then every time I make pancakes

I’ll think of your sick little stunts


The vacuum….yes…the vacuum

An ingenious idea

But false, you’re much to fast

And when I come close you hear


I see you in the corner of my eye

You even make me jump a little

I really think you need to die

I could kill you and get an acquittal


I’ll get you little buggers

I hate you just that much

You better watch your back

Or you will be in my deadly clutch

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sun Valley!

This weekend a lot of us from the interior design program went to an ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) meeting/ conference/ weekend of partying! and by weekend...I actually just mean really long saturday.It started out at 6am when we left on the bus for Sun Valley. I'm pretty sure the heater didn't work for the whole 3 hour bus fact..I'm 99% sure they had the A/C on when it was 20 degrees outside...none the less...eventually we made it to the hotel (which was really really nice) where the conference was held, with only mild hypothermia. 

After we checked in and got our name tags we were told to sit at a table about half students and half design professionals. Kariann, Ty, and I selected a table..and it wasn't until later that we realized we had made a horrible error. Turns out the professionals we were sitting with were not very professional at all. The whole time they made super inappropriate jokes and I'm pretty sure they were just there to during two, two hour long presentations we were pretty distracted by them..but I still did learn a lot! important it is to be professional. 
The presenters were both very good. I really enjoyed one of them about learning to read body language, and how to sell through the way you move and interact with people. I am definitely going to experiment with some of those techniques. 

After the presenters we had a bit of a break. During that break we went to a catholic church that was absolutely gorgeous. The main feature of the church, and the main reason we went, was to see an amazing fiberglass chandelier that they had. It was really interesting talking to the churches representative and hearing her tell us about all the symbolism in all of the design aspects of the church. I honestly don't know very much about the catholic church so it was neat getting to hear about it. 

After we went to the church we had a short 45 minutes to go shopping at all the little shops. For some reason, even though it was 5:00 on a saturday afternoon, the majority of the shops were closed. Also they were all super expensive and chic. I found very few things that were under $100. But it gives me even more motive to become rich and famous because most of the clothes were beautiful. Throughout the town they had lots of little was a lot of fun. We found a giant chair and took a picture in it...pretty much the only picture I remembered to take the whole day.

After shopping there was a student design competition/ cocktail hour...which of course I didn't participate in. We had 10 people from our school competing. We were able to walk around the room and select our favorite project. The winner of the competition was actually one of the students from BYUI... His project was amazing! After the competition we had dinner. Everyone at my table (which by the way...we had changed tables from earlier that was safer that way) was afraid to eat the tasted interesting...I figured they couldn't screw up fettucini alfredo...but once they brought out my plate I had a single raisin in it..weird right? I guess I'm just not quite fit for the world of fancy food quite yet. During dinner we had the keynote speaker talk to us about the current trends in kitchen design this year. 

After this was all over we got back on the bus, watched The Sound of Music, studied for my mat and sources test...and eventually made it home at 1 amazing...and very long day!

This is at..."the table of doom" haha...well..maybe that was a bit dramatic

Going shopping

Then we found a giant chair

"Silly pictures" are always necessary

and then I found a warthog

Here's all the S.W.A.G I got...haha
there was LOTS of it!

Monday, October 05, 2009


It snowed.

 And I am not happy about it. 

When I woke up and looked out my bedroom window, this is what I saw...