Monday, September 21, 2009


So I was randomly looking at my myspace that I haven't looked at in forever...and on it was my quote list from long long ago...which I found hilarious..and wanted to blog about it. So even though you might not get it, it's me. 

Everybody want J-WO, J-WO want Twink-E 
It'd be so fun to be a pinball 
speaker="you are what you eat"(me=some intense thinking) "j-wo IS twinkie" I ATE THEM!!! 
whoever wrote this song is probably the same person who invented peanut butter on cheese crackers 
cheese crackers on peanut butter...hahaha...adam 
If we were any cooler they'd have to THAW US OUT!!! 
"daniel is delicious"..."what?"..."because i tasted him..."- sha-cha cha- BAM 
J-WO want cake AND brownie 
just because Pierre is inanimate does not mean he is unimportant 
"(erin/jennifer" "is" "really/extremely/amazingly" "hot/ugly"...."sike" 
Slow and steady wins the race. / This is your battle Jennifer! 
you owe me a hustle 
caution shana caution 
how is this even possible? (btw...i figured out it's possible because of hydrogen 
J-WO says that aint tight 
Do I entice you? 
"Get your sexy on"=some random lady yelled at us from another car...akward 
what is the 3-dimensional word for oval?...(i still don't know the answer to this one....anyone?) 
do you have any Strauss, or possibly Bach 
the pool table hurt me 
Bucket likes Squash, Squash likes Remote, Remote likes Squash... 
it's a love triangle, but no one loves bucket. 
those are really easy to choke on
"ahhh....i got dirt in my eye"..."oh I'll get that for you honey"...we have a mother daughter relationship... 
fruitloop lips...captain crunchy 
"I call everybody honey...Adam is sugar lips..."lol...andrea 
What would Donny and Marie do? 
I just don't get it...who seriously needs a 20 foot headphone extender? 
"is that supposed to sound like a german lady?"..." was supposed to sound like a mexican man" 
your ankle should be so you could have a pie on it 
I like the warmth 
"You dont find dumb blondes at the beach.."..."oh wait, I guess I go to the beach sometimes" 
LET'S GET READY TO RHUMBA!!!! (in a cool monster truck-esque voice) 
WHOA...too much rubberband... 
Nat Nat Nat Nat Nat ALIE ALIE 
oh silly goose...i call everyone silly goose...except adam... 
"So pick her up!like Harry Potter!and spin her like a basketball!" 
"There's a chipmunk!and there's a dear!and there's another dear!and there's a hippo!I don't know!Why is he here?" 
It's tizzight...with a capital T...and Z...and ITE 
the samba originates in IS THAT CAKE 
j-wo said "don't talk like a hippo"..what she meant to say was "don't talk like a camel" yet i would still laugh at the camel one too...hmmm 
what does quintessential mean? 
"Are you Drag" "No, I'm a flamingo" 
thank goodness for satan's panties 
if you tilt the cup you can get much more water 
why does P-Dawg get the guest apartment?...I don't even get a toilet! 
What the MEOW 
are those birds or just very large nuts 
"we can't build a relationship on a web of lies"..."we could be spiders" 
I saw a purple festiva 
anything that’s vanilla is a waste of something that could be chocolate 
NOODLE DUTY NOODLE DUTY....Daniel you stink at noodle duty (never again will daniel get noodle duty) 
what the schist! 
I bet you 100 bucks that theres garnet in this rock (btw...brittany owes me $100) 
wanna hear me talk like a mermaid? ah ah ahh ah ah ah ah ahhhh ah ah ah ahh ah ah ah ah ahh ah ah AHHHH!!! (singing like Ariel) 
ahh man....i wish i came up with the "you still wear diapers" comeback quicker 
i'll tell you when your second partner gets here 
this ketchup tastes how beer smells...allright....who spiked the ketchup (andrea thought it tasted pretty good) 
hey jennifer...what if i kidnapped that kid 
what's your name again?...brittany right? 
whoa...this place has good ketchup too 
How is she supposed to read it if she's blind? 
You're an Aquitard!!! 
veer left veer left straight straight straight TURN RIGHT HERE NOW! 
"have kids with her"..."it's his mother"...this is the Dr. Laura game gone wrong 
the Vator of doom/destruction/desolation/death/danger/... 
do you think she is always dressed up like a clown? 
I thought you were a G! 
Sogged-out IS a's what you say when something is completely sogged 
"look a bus to paradise"..."well ya better hurry because pretty soon this is going to be a bus to Longmire" 
I was going to throw a snowball at the ranger...but NOOOOO....i'd get arrrestted...'s ranger granger the danger ranger 

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ice caves and sand dunes

So this Saturday was pretty much a was the day before my friend Kate's birthday, so we decided to all party it up by going to the ice caves and then having a bonfire at the sand dunes. It was my first time going to the ice caves...and there was lots of ice...way more than expected.. there are about a million pictures so..yeah...

once we got there we needed to drive out a couple miles to get to the NEEDED a four wheel drive, therefore we stuck 10 people into Stephanie's little Ford SUV
After hiking down into the depths of the earth we got to the front of the cave and were pretty dang excited did have to crawl on your stomach..on the get through parts of the caves
p.s. it was pitch black
This is the part where you had to hold onto a rope...while leaning on a giant underground iceberg..and pushing off rocks on the other avoid falling into a giant cave
almost there!!! and that huge hill on the right is all ice...sorry...still amazed at how much ice there was..haha...I'm a nerd
Kate trying to get to the sparkle cave (basically all the walls are super sparkly when you 
put light on's awesome) and me trying not to die in the pitch black
This was a really long hallway of ice..stephanie and I were trying to be ice skaters. 
probably my favorite..trying to launch Tory across the didn't work as well as planned. 
We finally made it to the end!!! the whole group!
and the rear view...things got a little wet. 
Once we were completely frozen we decided to go the sand dunes and have a bonfire
Stephanie and I tried sliding down the dunes on an inflatable worked out way better in our heads. Stephanie ended up somersaulting all the way down the hill. 
By the end of the night I looked slightly more than slightly disheveled and had a shoe full of sand...aka it was the best night ever...this week...except for maybe friday night....!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mi Rexburg

Here are some pictures of my apartment this semester...My mom brought me to school and helped me set everything up. It's pretty dang cute in my opinion!

Here's the front room...

And my bedroom!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

rexburg is STILL a constant party!

On my first day of classes all my interior design teachers informed us that we would not be sleeping this I decided to take advantage of my minimal homework this weekend and party like mad!

It all started with a trip to Idaho Falls with my friend stephanie. We pretty much just went shopping to find some yoga pants for my jazz dance class, but I came back with WAY more. They had a sale at old navy for 47 cent just can't say no to such a deal. After Idaho Falls we wanted to do something what better thing to do in the little bit of summer we have left than go swimming! Well...we got a big group of about 8 people, put an address in the GPS, and headed out to "St. Anthony".  Stephanie's car was the party car and it was a ton of fun...but after probably about 15 miles on a gravel rode we wondered where the heck we were going. The party car was still a ton of fun...but the other car...well..not quite so much. Apparently the driver was a little frustrated after driving that far in his shiny little car. You see..Stephanie has a nice big four wheel the rocks were nothing to us..we even went off rode a bit over some sweet hills. Eventually we found a nice couple towing a tractor and asked them where the heck we were. The guy said that the lake was "over by dem sand hulls"...well...just imagine farmer talk. So we turned around and eventually find Egin probably didn't get deeper than 2 feet throughout the whole lake..but it reminded me of dash point in a strange way so all was well. There was no fires allowed so we decided to start off on our next adventure... a fire at the guys  apartment...but it turned out  all the wood was next stop was applebees! that turned out pretty well. Then it was off to Kate's apartment for a movie and a sweet game of phase 10...I still need to dish out some payback for certain people using the skip card on me! 

So...basically it doesn't sound like it was too exciting...but it was SOOO much fun...I never really leave my apartment..I think I need to get out more. haha. 

The Party Car!
We were afraid that Andrew would get mad at us once we stopped...he did

But it was a party anyways!!!