Sunday, March 27, 2011

Party Party Party!

This weekend we headed to Provo for a day of partying and adventures. We left Friday afternoon and came back Saturday it was a VERY quick and even busier trip. We hitched a ride with Stephanie and Steven since they are SO awesome. 

On Friday after we got into Provo we went to eat at Brick Oven, which is a super good pizza restaurant and one of Justin's favorites. He was appalled that I had never eaten we had to change that. 

After Brick Oven we headed to the nickel arcade. Stephanie and I had gone last year with my friends Adam and Katie and had tons of we thought we should go again. At the nickel arcade most of the games cost a nickel or you can have hours of fun for only a couple bucks. It was great. We were able to get enough tickets for two friendship bracelets (Justin lost his...mine broke), one of those little plastic popper things (it doesn't work), and two bouncy balls (awesome).  My favorite game is the classic skee ball, I would highly suggest it. 

Friday morning we headed to Spanish Fork for Festival of Colors. This is our second year going, it is way exciting. It's a Hari Krishna tradition where you throw colored chalk at each other to bring in the spring. 



 Justin and Keith decided to be more prepared than last year with masks and goggles...looks a little silly...very useful. 
The whole gang

 partying in the car on the way back
 (after awhile the colors just start to look like dirt)

After we got all cleaned up from the festival of colors (at least as clean as you can get...I think it will take a few showers to fully recover) we headed to Ikea. Stephanie and Steven are getting married this summer so they wanted to check out Ikea to plan for their apartment next year (they are going to be our is going to be awesome). I love is alway an adventure

The next stop on our journey was the Real Salt Lake match. It was my very first major league soccer match and it was a ton of fun. Real made a goal in the first two minutes of the I knew it would be a good game. The end score was Real Salt Lake 4 and LA Galaxy 1. We pretty much dominated. Justin and I want to try and go to a Sounder game this summer. 

After the game we headed back to Rexburg since Stephanie and Steven had to get back for church for a musical number. The drive was kind of intense...there was a random blizzard and/or rainstorm in the mountain pass before Pocatello. That wasn't much fun. But we did get back to Rexburg late at night/ early in the morning. Justin and I made the mistake of not setting our alarm for our 1:30 church (we didn't think we had to). We slept through it. I am embarrassed. So today we have been bums laying around the apartment. In all honesty it is kind of nice, we got to rest up before our crazy finals week. 

Monday, March 07, 2011

I want this.

Growing up is WAY overrated.