Sunday, December 12, 2010


Justin just rebuked me for not having blogged in five weeks. So here is a is great.
Finals week is insane...and by finals week I mean the last month or so. But five more days and I am FREE!!!! at least until winter semester starts. I can't wait to go home and not think about school for a couple weeks. It should be great. And christmas! I'm excited for that too. I need to find something freakishly awesome to do for new years I just decided. My printer is out of ink..I planned on getting some stuff done for my ginormous project due on wednesday...maybe I'll sleep instead. the dedication for the new conference center on campus is friday...I'm excited to see it all done since it's been in construction FOREVER! I don't get why they plow everyplace in the city of Rexburg except this apartments parking lot. I almost trip and die on a daily basis. today is Justin's birthday...he is SOOO cool. We made funfetti cake and had people was pretty much a party. Justin is definitely my favorite. And now he's old just like me! woo hoo! I'm not very good at blogging when I'm told to blog....and lazy....and should be doing other things... and don't feel like being grammatically correct.

welll....for Justin's birthday here is a picture of him being awesome...
and putting on chapstick.
I'm sure he will LOVE this post.