Monday, October 17, 2011

Bored Blogging...

So.. I am quite bored/ sick of seeing the same blog post every time I open my blog. Therefore, I am going to do a random update/ catchup of things I haven't blogged about yet.

So... This semester I am only taking 4 credits and do not have a job... Therefore, too much free time. I have been working on some interior design competitions to fill up some time, but still that doesn't even compare to the work load that I am used to. I have been spending way too much time on pinterest... trying lots of new recipes, trying to find cheap ways to jazz up the apartment, cleaning, and trying to learn how to paint (without much luck). Anyway... this was not what I wanted to blog about... So.. let us go back in time a couple months.

In August, before coming back to Idaho, Justin and I went to a Sounders game. I think soccer is probably my favorite kind of sport to watch, and going to a game was absolutely insane! We marched to the stadium with a ton of other fans and were on our feet the whole game! It was beautiful weather, we had great seats, and the game was fantastic (we won). Oh goodness... I love Seattle!

Before the beginning of the semester Justin and I went with our friends, Stephanie and Steven, to Yellowstone! It was SO much fun. Nature is so crazy. Stephanie and Steven live in the same apartment complex as us, therefore, we get to see them ALL the time! It's great! I love friends! Oh yeah.... Yellowstone. We drove lots, camped in the freezing cold weather, made fire, saw bison, and smelled several geysers (they are awesome, but they sure do stink).

We did not see any bears at Yellowstone..... super lame! Right? Luckily, Justin's grandparents came to visit and we went to BEAR WORLD! Aka the best place EVER! Big bears, baby bears, bears everywhere! Plus, I saw Bambi. Yay!