Wednesday, November 03, 2010


wow...apparently my last post was my 100th post. So this makes this number 101.

On a different note, this weekend was halloween. Usually I don't really do much for the holiday, but this year decided It'd be fun to get a little festive. Saturday was "Halloween" according to the state of Idaho, since I guess Sunday isn't a good day for the festivities. Saturday afternoon we decided to participate in the Halloween decoration contest in our apartment complex. This gave us a couple hours to carve a pumpkin, search for some Halloween decor, and decorate the facade of our apartment. I thought it was pretty fun, and it ended up looking pretty good...for the amount of time we spent on it.

Later on that night we dressed up as Mario and Luigi (I was girl I didn't have a mustache). We went to campus to the Halloween Carnival and Dance. It was pretty much a party. We raced remote control cars, climbed rock walls, played giant jenga, and crossed the River Styx. This all felt way more exciting because it was like we were in a video game (seeing as we were dressed as Mario and Luigi). The dance was fun mostly for the people watching. We saw a giraffe (it was hard to miss), teen girl squad, zombies, and even ran into Bowser! It was pretty exciting.

On Sunday (aka real Halloween) We made Halloween graham cracker houses. I stole the idea from Heather and Jacki, and I'm glad I did. It was a lot of fun, and delicious. My house ended up being..well... somewhat hideous. I got a little excited with the candy. Mine was a house with a trick or treater dressed as a ghost. The house is guarded by bears and surrounded by a moat. High me. Justin's house consisted of several bear least that's what I think they were. The others got a little more creative. Stephanie made a hospital with a helicopter pad, an ambulance and everything. Sara made the shrieking shack. And Natalie had a hobo shack with a fire in front, lean to, and garbage pile.

Pretty much the whole weekend was a CONSTANT party and I was exhausted by the end. Now I can't wait for Thanksgiving and then Christmas/ the end of the semester! Wooo! Here are all the pictures in no particular order

Mario, Luigi, and Rosie the Riveter
Justin using his jack o' lantern as a mask before destroying it for the sake of a pumpkin pie
Jack o' Lanterns are sometimes scary
Our "beautiful" houses
Stephanie and Natalies hospital/bum shack
Align Center
Ahh...Bowser! Good thing we know how to deal with him
Giant Jenga! I want it
Look at me! I'm Mario!
Our Door Decor
ew. pumpkin guts.