Sunday, March 14, 2010

partying it up in Utah...

So...this is a week late, but I'm over it. But last weekend I went to Utah. It was great and grand. My friend Stephanie had to go down for a Zumba certification class, and didn't want to drive by herself, therefore...ROADTRIP! So Stephanie, my old roommate Sara and I hopped in the car and headed to Sandy to stay with my other old roommate Callie. It was so much fun seeing her and so nice of her to let us stay over. While Steph was at Zumba, Sara and I went to The Gateway to do some shopping, then headed over to Ikea after Callie was done with work. They were having dollar meatball meal was glorious. Later on that night Stephanie and I went to Provo to visit Adam Lee and Katie, two of my good friends from home. It was SO much fun. They decided to show us what people do at BYU on the weekends. So we started out at the Nickelcade. Ok..this place is AWESOME! It's an arcade but everything is in nickels. We got a little addicted to gambling (Vegas was a bad influence) with some of the games...we just really wanted to get lots of tickets. Also we played Deal or No Deal..we ended up with the suitcases holding 2 tickets and 200 tickets...we were offered 101 tickets...and we chose NO DEAL. Worst decision ever...we ended up with 2 tickets. So after the nickelcade ended with disappointment, we went over to the bell tower where apparently you are supposed to be able to roast marshmallows on the giant lamps. Unfortunately, the rumors are wrong and the marshmallows only got slightly warm...but it was a ton of fun...we celebrated by drinking martinellis and eating popsicles in the freezing cold outside. After that we wanted to go dumpster diving for donuts. They throw out the donuts (in the box) at Krispy Kreme after the store closes, people sometimes go dumpster diving for them. I was a little hesitant but we went anyway. Once we got there the store still had employees..we parked...they looked at us weird...we then decided to spy from a neighboring parking lot. Evenutally we ended up leaving before we got any donuts...but it was hilarious...guess you had to be there...

Utah = great weekend trip...good times.
Staying at Callie's

The bling rings we bought with our tickets from the arcade

at the belltower...the light burned my was great.

These guys are fantastic

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Katie Pedersen. said...

Oh! Jennnniiiifuuuurrr. I LOVED having you here, and decided next time you come I'm not ever ever ever letting you leave! I love you SO much! I had a BUHLAST.