Saturday, March 16, 2013

2 months!

Elizabeth is two months old today! Boy, time sure flies! I figure I should give an update of her likes/dislikes and such things...but she's just a baby, so I'm not sure she has too many of those yet. She really likes sitting upwards, she doesn't want to lay down unless she is eating or REALLY tired. She likes it when we sit her up so she can look around and see what's new. She has been talking and cooing a lot lately. It's really cute! We will talk to her and she talks right back like we are having a real conversation. Sometimes she apparently says really funny things because she will say her baby talk and then get a huge smile on her face and give a little laugh. She is having her two month appointment next week, I am not looking forward to shots! But I am excited to see how much she is growing (She is starting to grow out of a lot of her newborn clothes, 0-3 is still a little baggy...but they are cute). 

In other news, Justin made his final decision of where he will be going to grad school. This fall he is going to be attending the University of Washington! I am so excited! Can't wait to go back home!

And Justin had a "decision day" video chat... Go UW

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Judy Walsh said...

she is so so cute! You are doing a good job with taking lots of pictures!