Monday, June 24, 2013

5 months old!

Time has been flying by! Elizabeth is now five months old! She is still as adorable as ever, and seems to be growing bigger everyday! Here are the fun facts as of now! 

  • Last week she had a doctors appointment (with lots of sad) where she weighed a little over 15 pounds and 24 inches long. 
  • Her little vampire teeth seem to still be trying to work there way through her gums, still no sign of them yet. 
  • Her hair is starting to make more of an appearance, right now it looks like it is strawberry blonde. Her head looks like a little peach with all that hair growing! 
  • We do not have a quiet girl on our hands! You definitely know when she is happy, or sad, or bored, or thinks something is funny. Her little squeals are still so cute! 
  • She is still amazed by her hands and has learned to wave them around like Miss America. 
  • She pretty much loves everyone she meets and will greet them with a sweet little smile. 
Here she is in all her cuteness!

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